St.Gerardino's bridge, Lambro river, Monza, Italy
morning 190

Yesterday I have learned that the risk of a flood in the future is pretty serious and therefore I should prepare myself –Lambro river already flooded Monza in 2002. I am wondering if I can make it and finish this project or I am going to become a disaster photographer…;-)
Anyway, I am getting prepared for the “finale” -the year is over in three months- and I am looking for experienced video-makers who can help me with the final video. I need help in putting together 600 or so photos taken during last year. Is there anybody out there who wants to join me? Contact me and I will explain you in detail.

Questa volta aggiungo anche un appello in italiano: il sito sta per completare l’anno e vorrei mettere insieme in un video le 600 e passa fotografie scattate. C’è bisogno di videomaker e/o “smanettoni” (ma si dice ancora?). C’è qualcuno li fuori che vuole partecipare? Obiettivo: comprimere in pochi secondi tutto un anno di vita del fiume Lambro e del ponte di San Gerardino. Contattatemi!


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