St. Gerardino's bridge, Lambro river, Monza, Italy
evening 138

We had a terrible storm last night. Rain was pouring down and 100kms wind was smashing everything. I took this photo quickly, fearing for my camera. Some people had to spend the night sweeping water away from their doors.

This is also the photo that marks a brief stop in this series for the first time:
I am so surprised that I have come this far so quickly. I have learned a lot and still enjoy taking this very same photo almost everyday. But it is time now to put into practice what I have learned.

So, I won’t be posting for a while to concentrate on new subjects –new subjects, folks!.
Of course this is just a pause I will start again photographing the St. Gerardino’s bridge until the one year task is complete –or somebody kills me first.

I hope to find all of you again soon. I will be in touch.



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